Mouthpieces – the different styles explained 


The original design. This gives clarity, precision, and a very easily controlled, centred sound. It adds more brilliance and richer upper overtones than the convex outer profiles of other designs. The Classic design is very responsive and easy to play. It has excellent flexibility and a rich tone. The Classic range covers the complete range of brass instruments from soprano cornet to BBb tuba. Classic mouthpieces are available in either gold or silver plate.

This design is intended primarily for strong players, giving fantastic projection and a dark, full, rich sonority. Much of the HeavyTop effect can be produced by adding a booster to the Classic model. The Denis Wick mouthpiece boosters can also be used with other makes. The huge mass of the HeavyTop mouthpiece gives it enormous carrying power. It is available in either gold or silver plate.

A revolutionary idea, using as its basis 19th century models with a thin-walled cup nearest to the rim. Modern CNC technology has further reduced the wall thickness to 1.2mm. To this is added a modern idea; greater metal mass at the bottom of the cup. The result is a rich sound, with a scintillating upper overtone structure, incredible responsiveness in pp playing and a much easier high register. This is a powerful mouthpiece but is also highly responsive. The elegant gold-plating of rim and cup combined with the silver-plated body make this model look as good as it sounds.

The euphonium and baritone Ultra mouthpieces have a heavier outer profile, a rounder cup and a sharper inner edge to the rim than the Classic models. This makes for the ultimate playing experience – a mouthpiece that is powerful and very secure with a big, rounded sound.

The trumpet Ultras have cups derived from vintage American models and rims designed for agility and endurance. Combined with a heavy but elegant profile, these versatile mouthpieces have a dense, focused sound with excellent projection.

All gold-plated Ultra mouthpieces have a triple-thickness of gold, and both silver and gold-plated versions are engraved with the Ultra logo.


american classicThis range of “vintage style” trumpet mouthpieces uses a traditional bowl shaped outer profile. The comfortable rims are designed to give maximum endurance, without loss of agility, and are available in popular established sizes. The quality of workmanship, which is the hallmark of Denis Wick mouthpieces, is reflected in the classic warm tone that these mouthpieces produce, irrespective of rim size. This makes them an ideal choice for both student and professional. They are available in either gold or silver plate.


paxmanThis new range of French horn mouthpieces sees the collaboration of two companies well known in the world of brass playing, Denis Wick, famous for mutes and mouthpieces, and Paxman Horns, world famous makers of French horns. Together with Tim Jones, principal horn of the London Symphony Orchestra, Denis Wick has developed these mouthpieces with the idea of bringing the innovations seen in the Denis Wick Heritage mouthpieces to the French horn.

The principle of the unusual outer shape of these mouthpieces is to have a design that is relatively thin-walled at the top of the cup but heavier around the base. This ensures that the mouthpiece is very responsive and easy to play, and makes a sound with a real ‘bloom’ full of rich upper partials. The heavy mass of metal around the bottom of the cup means that it will project powerfully, whilst maintaining an easy response. Soft playing becomes easier. The final shape was arrived at after much experiment, and provides the perfect balance between power and sensitivity. The range extends from the largest, with a cup-diameter of 18mm, through to the smallest at 16.55mm, but the most popular size is the 5.5 at 17.4mm, which is based on the cup of famous Paxman 4B mouthpiece. The DW/Paxman mouthpieces are only available in silver plate.