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Ultra Euphonium Mouthpieces

Choosing a mouthpiece is like choosing a partner...


I remember when I first tried the Ultra mouthpiece SM4U (Gold), I had just one feeling: "That's it"! It's the one that suits me best and makes the sound quality ckloesest to what I am looking for, mellow but clear. And it's easy to make and control your sound.

In my opinion, choosing a mouthpiece is like choosing a partner. You have to work with your mouthpiece for a long time, but you don't know the mouthpiece you have just choosen is the right one for you or not. It takes time to get to know your mouthpiece; only then will you know if it is exactly the one for you.

Using the SM4U mouthpiece would be a good choice for any euphonium player, I'm so glad to use my SM4U. It works beautifully and I love playing it!

Zoe Chien, Taipei Taiwan, Euphonium player, National University of Tainan Department of Music



I found the mouthpiece to be highly responsive and flexible across the range. It was very easy to adapt to and was also very comfortable on the embouchure.


As a soloist, it assists with projection, clarity, articulation and resonance. As a supporting player, it will also give warmth, depth and fullness to tone. In summary, it will enhance euphonium playing for all abilities.


It is, perhaps, more expensive than some of the other choices on the market, but the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true in this case. With Denis Wick, you are safe in the knowledge that this is a quality piece of workmanship, which has been subjected to rigorous testing. Combine this with Steven Mead’s name and you’re getting cutting-edge innovative mouthpiece design focused on improving all aspects of sound and quality.


In my opinion, the SM4U Ultra would be an excellent choice for any player.


Michael Dodd writing in Brass Band World, February 2010.



Michael Dodd

We all know that a mouthpiece is where it all begins, so why do so many young players feel that the mouthpiece presented to them for producing their first note is the one that should remain with them until the end of time? Now is the time to discard the myth of ‘everlasting mouthpieces’ and to pick and chose the best tool to suit.


I have tried and tested many mouthpieces over the years, and I was recently asked to road test the new Steven Mead SMFU Ultra in gold for euphonium by Denis Wick. If you are considering venturing out into the world of mouthpiece choice or thinking about an up-grade, this is definitely one to try.


With its subtle curvature and non-imposing top rim the SM4U is aesthetically pleasing. The gold-plated version that I played on complimented my silver Besson Prestige instrument and said “notice me – I’m the latest thing”.


But the main question is, of course, is it any good? My answer would be a resounding “yes”. For me, a euphonium is the epitome of pure sound and should bring colour and shading to a brass band at any level. The heavy weight and increased depth of the SM4U Ultra really accentuates the true nature of the sound of the euphonium, bringing with it bigger and warmer tones, especially in the lower register.


The Ultra – the ultimate in mouthpieces

The Ultra – the ultimate in mouthpieces



‘it assists with projection, clarity, articulation and resonance’


‘With Denis Wick, you are safe in the knowledge that this is a quality piece of workmanship….’


‘It will enhance euphonium playing for all abilities’



Grimethorpe’s Michael Dodd puts the Steven Mead mouthpieces by Denis Wick through its paces.


Allen Fan


Chinese-born Allen Fan, a rising euphonium star based in Switzerland, commented “the Ultra has such a powerful high register – I think that is the loudest top B that I have ever played!”


The Denis Wick SM4U has my warmest recommendation.

"The Denis Wick SM4U has my warmest recommendation.

for me, Steven mead's Ultra SM4U is the right choice over the Alliance and Perantucci mouthpieces, and I feel that, with this mouthpiece, I can better adapt my tone and articulation to my surroundings, and that I can 'enter into character' when necessary in the band. The rim shape makes it easy to 'get around' in different registers, and the large V-shaped cup will ensure that it is easier to make the 'modern British' sound, which is what I peronally strive for."

Steffen Maersk

Euphoinum player, The Royal Lifeguards Music Corps, Copenhagen, Denmark Solo Euphonium, Concord Brass Band

(edited and translated from the original Danish)

Jon Kowszun

"Initial thoughts when compared with the SM3U and my 30 year old 3AL:
1. excellent quiet note production throughout the range (the main criticism I have of the SM3)
2. very rich bottom register (even compared to my old 3AL)
3. the top register really sings (1000 times better than the SM3)
and that's after 30 minutes!
I'll keep using it and let you know, but I think you may have just done me an enormous favour. Thanks lots!"

Jon Kowszun, Switzerland

Matt Krening

"I knew I was changing to the SM4U after my first note.  The mouthpiece offers a large range of colors while maintaining the power, production, and projection I like in a mouthpiece.  It just feels great to play on."

Matt Krening. Grad student USA

John Starkes

"The Ultra arrived today. Steven, I can't believe how easy it is, straight away through the full  register projecting a good rich full clear sound"
and a few days later:
"First time to comment after practice, concert and two solo spots today."

"I need not have been apprehensive it responded with all the control ,colour, depth of sound and ritchness of tone that I wished for. The control was at all limits of volume, brilliant on the soft playing and superb on the power playing, drawing excellant comments from conductor and euphonium players from Fountain City Brass."

"Overall 'very pleased' would be an understatement."

John Starkes, Solo Euphonium,  Boscombe SA Band

Riki McDonnell

"The new ultra mouthpieces are "simply sensational"!
I fell in love with the SM3U immediately and this is what I will always use now."

Riki McDonnell, International Euphonium Soloist

Aaron Tindall

Aaron Tindell

"After playing for my entire career on a Wick SM3 and the recent Alliance 2, I was eager to try the new and improved SM range of Ultra mouthpieces."

"I must say that I have noticed that my sound now has many more advanced colors and nuances that I have tried for years to attain."

"If you liked the former Steve Mead mouthpieces you will LOVE the newly designed Denis Wick SM Ultra series!"


"I give it my highest recommendation!"

Aaron Tindall Besson/Buffet Crampon USA Inc. Euphonium and Tuba Artist/Clinician www.aarontindall.com

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"If you liked the former Steve Mead mouthpieces you will LOVE the newly designed Denis Wick SM Ultra series!"