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Shoichiro Hokazono was a welcome visitor to the Denis Wick factory, bringing four euphonium students from Japan with him. Shoichiro is a virtuoso euphonium soloist and was voted ‘Euphonium Player of the Year’ at the Euphonium and Tuba Conference of 1997. He has won major international prizes for his playing and has achieved wide recognition for his great artistry. He developed the 842 ‘Custom’ euphonium with Yamaha, and now plays a Besson ‘Prestige’. He visited the British Brass Band Championships with Steven Mead (see photo) before coming to Dorset to visit the Denis Wick works. During his visit he spent some time developing ideas for new euphonium products. Watch this space for forthcoming details!

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Press Release from Denis Wick Products


Steven Mead to become International Ambassador for Denis Wick

steven mead with a new baritone travel mute at the denis wick stand at the frankfurt musikmesse 2014 250x167Denis Wick Products is very pleased to announce that Steven Mead is to take on a new role as International Ambassador for the Denis Wick brand. Steven will be involved in promoting Denis Wick mutes, mouthpieces and accessories all over the world. He will also be involved in the design, development and testing of new products. He leads an incredibly busy life as an internationally-famous soloist and recording artist and will bring his considerable energies to promoting Denis Wick Products through his concerts and masterclasses.

Steven Mead commented;-

 " From my earliest memory I was playing on a Denis Wick mouthpiece, and already then it was a trusted and highly respected brand.  My involvement with the company began in 1995 with the release of the SM Series of mouthpieces.  Since that time I've had an even closer connection with the staff at DWP and now feel very honoured to have been appointed to this new role as an International Ambassador for the company.  I'm looking forward to new innovative projects and being able to promote this fabulous brand at all my concerts and tours." 


Stephen Wick of DWP is very supportive of Steven’s connection with the company;

  “Steven’s involvement in the design of the euphonium and baritone mouthpieces has been hugely fruitful for many years. His designs for the new Ultra euphonium mouthpieces have become bestsellers all over the world. We are looking forward to working together with Steven and to him becoming an ambassador for our products”



Vibrass - A revolution in lip recovery



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Vibrass – the Answer to Lip Fatigue


Vibrass is designed to massage the lip muscles. It revives tired lips by increasing the blood flow, which helps disperse the waste products of muscle use, such as lactic acid. For any busy brass player who needs to be able  practise or perform for many hours a day, this ingenious device will revive a tired embouchure and will extend playing time.

‘After using the device for a few weeks, I can confidently say that it lives up to its promises. The effect it has is phenomenal. I play trumpet, so spacing out my practice sessions and compensating for rehearsals and performances is half my life. Just using the Vibrass for two minutes before playing ensures you feel great when you play, and using it for ten minutes after playing rejuvenates your lips around 70% instantly, I'd estimate.’ Bryn Barker – trumpet


This beautifully engineered product for brass players is engineered in Austria and distributed in the UK by Denis Wick. It is supplied with different fittings to accommodate every kind of mouthpiece from a cornet to a tuba, so you can use own mouthpiece to reach exactly the right lip muscles ensuring maximum effectiveness. In addition it is supplied with batteries and a cloth bag.

The Vibrass works for every instrument, but is especially popular with trumpet players. Lead players, piccolo trumpet players and baroque trumpet players find it very useful for bring bruised lips back to life after intense performances. Many busy players, including leading artists such as Mike Lovatt and Mark Bennett recommend it.

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Trombone Technique

By Denis Wick

This classic book first published in 1971 has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the best of its kind. It has been published in several languages.

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 edition is now available exclusively from this website. It has been revised and updated extensively.

For your convenience it is available as a download.