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Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset, Angus Campbell Esq, presented a certificate signed by the Queen and crystal rose bowl to Denis Wick last week at the Dorset factory where Denis Wick mutes and mouthpieces are made. The citation, written on a scroll, was read out to the members of the workforce and guests by the Assistant Clerk to the Lieutenancy, Mrs Marilyn Porter MVO. The award was made in the category of International Trade in recognition of the achievement of Denis Wick Products in exporting their brass instrument accessories all over the world.

Denis Wick started making mutes and mouthpieces 46 years ago in 1968, and the company has grown over the years and now employs 22 people in their Hamworthy factory. The company’s products are well-known amongst brass players across the world and are recognised as being some of the best-designed and highest quality accessories on the market.

Denis Wick paid tribute to the dedicated and loyal workforce, addressing his remarks to the assembled staff, suppliers and guests:."This is all about what you have achieved. From the making of the mouthpieces and mutes, to putting the labels on the boxes and selling our products in worldwide markets, everyone has contributed so much to the success of the company. This award is all about you - such wonderful friends. I feel we are a very special company and this award shows that."

Stephen Wick spoke of his father:  "His inspiration has been the driving force for the company - one which I have been honoured to carry one. The commitment to quality and innovation of everyone associated with Denis Wick Products has been the foundation of our success - led of course by a very special man."

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Wireless Pick-up Tuner

dw9021The Denis Wick DW9021 Wireless Pick-Up allows musicians to check on the tuning of their instrument in noisy conditions, or even in performances, by wirelessly transmitting a signal from their instrument to a small receiver plugged into a tuner.

The extremely discreet and unobtrusive transmitter clips on to the instrument and monitors the vibrations of the instrument. It is not a microphone, so it does not react to ambient sounds, only to the pitch that the instrument is playing. It transmits this information using Bluetooth-type technology to a receiver. Both transmitter and receiver use tiny CR2032 lithium batteries. The receiver is attached to a jack plug which plugs into a DW9007 tuner, or any other tuner that has a socket for a jack plug. The tuner gives pinpoint accuracy.

The wireless pick-up has big advantage over clip-on tuners, such as the DW9006 and DW9008; it can be clipped to any part of the instrument and still work. Ordinary clip-on tuners have to be clearly visible. This is easy on the trumpet, cornet or trombone, but very difficult on the euphonium or tuba, where there is no convenient place where the tuner can be easily seen without going cross-eyed. By use of the DW9021, the tuner can be conveniently placed on the music stand, where it can be used very discreetly.


Trombone Technique

By Denis Wick

This classic book first published in 1971 has developed a worldwide reputation as one of the best of its kind. It has been published in several languages.

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 edition is now available exclusively from this website. It has been revised and updated extensively.

For your convenience it is available as a download.